1.2.1 (May 22, 2019)
TinyMCE 4

N1ED is an add-on for TinyMCE that completely redefines your vision of WYSIWYG editors.

N1ED makes any content you already have on your website responsive make it match Bootstrap 4 layout standards automatically.

N1ED allows inserting and editing various components of the content - widgets such as images, YouTube video, Bootstrap components and so on. Now, a content manager doesn't need to know HTML. Everything, from images or links to tables or its cell, is a widget. Select a widget and configure it in the left sidebar.

N1ED has a number of useful add-ons that greatly enhance its standard functionality:

  • Bootstrap Editor. Edit Bootstrap 4 structure and widgets, create and preview responsive content.

  • Flmngr. File Manager for TinyMCE.

  • ImgPen. Edit images from N1ED or Flmngr.

  • Translator. Google Translate for your contents.


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