TinyMCE plugins

TinyMCE Foundation Tools
Use full power of Zurb Foundation's framework by building documents which contain its grid and elements.
TinyMCE Bootstrap Tools
Full bundle of add-ons for inserting Bootstrap framework elements into TinyMCE's document and manage it.
TinyMCE Special Symbols
Insert predefined or custom characters choosing them and their styles in the dialog.
TinyMCE Alert
Templates list for instant inserting alert messages into your document.
TinyMCE Custom Templates
Define and insert custom templates into a document into one click.
TinyMCE Breadcrumbs
Insert and edit breadcrumbs navigation elements.
TinyMCE Table Insert
Small handy tool for quick inserting new tables into TinyMCE.
TinyMCE Font Awesome
Insert one of 400+ beautiful icons as a symbol or as a bitmap without uploading any images.
TinyMCE Image Gallery
Upload images and insert their preview linked to original image
TinyMCE Easy File Upload
Just one click - and your files already uploaded into TinyMCE's document.