TinyMCE PowerPaste

(Nov 16, 2018)
TinyMCE 3, TinyMCE 4

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If you paste content from Microsoft Word into your app, you probably know the published page usually doesn’t match the site’s style. Fonts can be different, images missing and formatting not the same as their original document.

This can be time consuming for users to fix, and usually involves manually editing HTML. It can also increase support requests.

TinyMCE PowerPaste automatically “cleans” pasted content, fixing these issues. It can also automatically upload images to a server, helping you spend time on more productive tasks.

TinyMCE PowerPaste also makes light work of pasting Excel content into your app, automatically creating HTML compliant tables in the process.

If you cut and paste content from the internet into your app – which includes almost everyone – PowerPaste also works its auto-magic.

Just as it cleans up rogue formatting from sources like Word, it does the same for internet content. PowerPaste removes classes, minimizing the chance of unwanted CSS overriding your stylesheets. It also does the same for images, automatically linking to the source image URL.


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