TinyMCE Bootstrap Tools

1.0 (Jan 06, 2018)
TinyMCE 3, TinyMCE 4

Create and edit any widgets of Bootstrap's framework, manipulate its blocks, insert any Bootstrap's icons in WYSIWYG mode. This is the most flexible solution to operate Bootstrap in TinyMCE, but and the most simple: it already has a plugin for quick and codeless including Bootstrap v. 3 into your TinyMCE's document.

Tables, icons, buttons, grid rows and blocks, etc: all will be available to you after you install this bundle.

This bundle contains a number of plugins:

  • TinyMCE Bootstrap Include CSS/JS (Helps you to include (attach) Bootstrap's styles to your TinyMCE's document. Lets ability to see all blocks and elements as they will be shown on the site)
  • TinyMCE Bootstrap Templates (Quick access to row/columns templates: the easiest creating grid structure ever)
  • TinyMCE Bootstrap Button (Bootstrap has own styles for displaying links as buttons. Use them with visual button builder. Edit button feature is also supported)
  • TinyMCE Breadcrumbs ( Showing navigation status for website visitor using standard Bootstrap widget)
  • TinyMCE Label (Insert Bootstrap label to highlight information on your page)
  • TinyMCE Bootstrap Alert (Notifying user usgin alert messages placed in the text. Info, warning and other types of Bootstrap alerts)
  • TinyMCE Bootstrap Icons (Helps you to choose and insert Bootstrap icon into your document)
  • TinyMCE Image Gallery (The plugin will upload selected images to the server and show them as a gallery with using Bootstrap responsive columns)
  • TinyMCE Bootstrap Block Configuration (Configure existing grid structure by selecting blocks and configuring their sizes and visibility options with help of the dialog)
  • TinyMCE Bootstrap Table (MS Excel style inserting new table with using special Foundation styling options)
  • TinyMCE Bootstrap Badge (Very quick small notifer for site visitors: the badge)


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