TinyMCE Bootstrap Editor

1.0 (Jan 07, 2017)
TinyMCE 4

Bootstrap Editor - block content editor for responsive websites.

Lightweight component for popular CMSs or custom websites lets you the power to view and edit contents. Easy and featured.


  • Grid. Build your content block by block with Bootstrap scaffolding, add contents into them, shuffle the blocks and change their structure.
  • Mobile ready. Responsive Bootstrap or its simplified version (Litestrap) is built-in feature of the editor. Get right rendered grid on your pages with using Bootstrap Editor.
  • Add-ons. Download and include into your Bootstrap Editor add-ons to customize your editor. Choose WYSIWYG plugins to let Bootstrap Editor handle different types of columns' content.

So, Bootstrap Editor plugin for TinyMCE will help you to edit Bootstrap block structure in your editor.

Select the block and press the Bootstrap Editor toolbar button - Bootstrap Editor will be opened in full screen mode for editing current. If user press' "Save" button the content in TinyMCE will be updated.

This add-on is easy to install (install it like any other add-ons).

Bootstrap Editor for TinyMCE comes actually as 3 add-ons: Bootstrap Editor itself and two Bootstrap utilities for including Bootstrap into TinyMCE and highlighting Bootstrap blocks.


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