TinyMCE docs and manuals

How to migrate to TinyMCE 5

The manual explains how to make TinyMCE 4 to TinyMCE 5 migration easy

How to install TinyMCE 5

Step-by-step TinyMCE 5 installation guide with code samples and screenshots

Installing add-ons in TinyMCE 5

How to extend TinyMCE 5 with add-ons

TinyMCE 5 installation example

Here is an example on how to install and configure TinyMCE to edit rich content

Files management in TinyMCE 5

Installing and configuring file manager and image editor

CKEditor or TinyMCE: what to choose?

The article comparing two similar editors and explaining what to choose

How to install TinyMCE 4

How to install TinyMCE 4 in five minutes

TinyMCE 5 toolbar buttons list

Guide to configure TinyMCE 5 toolbar with the full set of buttons

TinyMCE widgets list

The manual contains a complete list of widgets N1ED for TinyMCE

TinyMCE 4 skins installation

TinyMCE theming how-to