TinyMCE plugins

Automatically saves editor contents and allows rescue of lost content.
For code highlighting. Plugin will automatically style code samples for different languages.
Imgmap Plugin
With image map editor you can draw all the standard image map shapes.
PHP Image Upload Plugin
Quick uploads of images via PHP browse and upload button. Only one popup!
ClearFloat Plugin
Plugin provides an icon and function to switch the clear: both inline style property on elements.
A TinyMCE image upload plugin for ASP.NET that utilizes Silverlight 3 to upload the image.
YouTube Simple
Insert YouTube video W3C valid with optionals (HD, similar vidéos) for TinyMCE 4.
fMath Equation Editor
Plugin for mathematics. More than 16.000 symbols and a simple to use editor.
Lorem Ipsum
Plugin for the new TinyMCE 4 WYSIWYG editor for placing some dummy text. Advantage, quickly add some content to a page.
ABC Music Notation
Renders ABC music notation on your page. You can write music as text and it displays it as SVG image.