TinyMCE plugins

An online file management utility, using PHP and jQuery.
Plugin enables the usage of CSS classes and CSS ids on any HTML element within TinyMCE.
PDW File Browser
Plugin will allow quick search and filtering images and many other useful functions.
CJ File Browser
File management system allows to view and modify a server's directory contents.
A TinyMCE image upload plugin for ASP.NET that utilizes Silverlight 3 to upload the image.
TinyMCE Quick Image Upload
This plugins lets ability to TinyMCE to upload files and insert links to them with a couple of clicks.
Use this plugin to embed other web pages into your own site.
ClearFloat Plugin
Plugin provides an icon and function to switch the clear: both inline style property on elements.
PHP Image Upload Plugin
Quick uploads of images via PHP browse and upload button. Only one popup!
Imgmap Plugin
With image map editor you can draw all the standard image map shapes.