TinyMCE plugins

TinyMCE Quick File Upload
This plugin lets ability to TinyMCE to upload file or files and insert links to them with a couple of clicks.
It is open-source file manager, which allows all operations with files and folders on a remote server.
TinyMCE Image Preview Upload
Plugin quick uploads images to server without using any server filemanager.
TinyMCE Image Resized Upload
This plugin will let you ability to specify max size for uploaded images.
Ajax File/Image Manager
It is file/image manager which is fully empowered by Ajax & PHP.
Plugin for creating horizontal bar charts in TinyMCE editor.
TinyMCE AsciiMath/AsciiSvg Plugins
Math and graph plugins allow inline entry of mathematic symbols and graphs.
An online file management utility, using PHP and jQuery.
Plugin enables the usage of CSS classes and CSS ids on any HTML element within TinyMCE.
PDW File Browser
Plugin will allow quick search and filtering images and many other useful functions.