TinyMCE plugins

Lorem Ipsum
Plugin for the new TinyMCE 4 WYSIWYG editor for placing some dummy text. Advantage, quickly add some content to a page.
An advanced HTML editor with code formatting, code beautification, and auto-complete functionality.
TinyMCE Templates
Simple but flexible plugin to insert templates into the document.
YouTube Search an Insert
Plugin allowing direct browsing of YouTube videos directly from the TinyMCE console.
Browses the Clker.com image repository for user-defined search terms.
TinyMCE 4 LightGray No Fonts skin
A variation on the default lightgray skin which does not use fonts to render icons.
You can insert your code in the editor using the plugin.
Local AutoSave
Plugin saves in a period the content in browser storage.
TinyMCE Include CSS & JS
Style your editor's area by adding custom CSS & JS files to it.
A more powerful and customizable emoticons plugin for TinyMCE 4.