TinyMCE plugins

TinyMCE Special Symbols
Insert predefined or custom characters choosing them and their styles in the dialog.
TinyMCE Foundation Tools
Use full power of Zurb Foundation's framework by building documents which contain its grid and elements.
TinyMCE Easy Image Upload
The simplest way to upload images to your website. It gives you a power to upload images by clicking on files.
TinyMCE Easy File Upload
Just one click - and your files already uploaded into TinyMCE's document.
Plugin makes editing HTML source code a more pleasant experience.
fMath Equation Editor
Plugin for mathematics. More than 16.000 symbols and a simple to use editor.
Responsive FileManager
Standalone file manager to manage and select files. Good way to upload and insert files, images and videos.
idv Playing Cards
Playing cards button for TinyMCE.
HTML ImprovedCode
TinyMCE Plug-in for improving the user experience in the HTML Editor, adding code highlighting, indented code, line numbers and more.
Easily include maths formulas, calculations and graphics in your web pages within TinyMCE.