TinyMCE plugins

Charcoal skin
A dark charcoal skin for TinyMCE 4.
Tundora skin
A dark tundora skin for TinyMCE 4
XenMCE skin
A skin for TinyMCE 4 based on the XenForo colors scheme.
pepper-grinder skin
An easy-on-the-eyes skin to accompany the jQuery UI pepper-grinder theme for TinyMCE 4.
TinyMCE 4 LightGray No Fonts skin
A variation on the default lightgray skin which does not use fonts to render icons.
TinyMCE Google Maps
Insert fully featured interactive Google Maps with your TinyMCE!
TinyMCE Templates
Simple but flexible plugin to insert templates into the document.
TinyMCE Include CSS & JS
Style your editor's area by adding custom CSS & JS files to it.
TinyMCE Image Embed
Embedding images into the TinyMCE document without any uploading it to server.
TinyMCE Quick File Upload
This plugin lets ability to TinyMCE to upload file or files and insert links to them with a couple of clicks.